IFA Jobs Offshore

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, then this combined position could very well suit you. The position involves a directorship within the company, and the right individuals will provide sweat capital to help build the company's client base, brand and assets under management. You will work closely with the CEO to develop the business in HK, China, Macau and beyond - in return for company equity, revenue share and future built-in salaries once the company has cash flow to support them.

Initial fee income, and ongoing recurring incomes, will be shared with the right individuals and at the highest levels.

The CEO is looking for senior individuals who can collaborate and brainstorm to achieve great things together. The blueprint is in place: it just needs the right partners to build upon this and share in the benefits.

As this is a role for an entrepreneur, the acquisition of knowledge internalised during the course of life is all that is required educationally for this role, regardless of how this knowledge has been achieved.

The minimum formal education of a secondary level certificate is required. Three Hong Kong-specific examinations will have to be written and passed once on board.

Sponsored Hong Kong work visas will be complimentary, with no cost to you.


Ideal Candidate:

Experienced offshore consultants with a minimum of five years’ working with international clients (expat clients).



  • Experience in financial services
  • Attention to detail
  • Hard-working and motivated individuals
  • Confidence and strong interpersonal skills
  • A flexible and adaptable approach to work
  • Successful and target-driven individuals


Personal Attributes:
Strong work ethic; be self-sufficient and able to work both independently and in a team



 A minimum of a secondary level certificate is required to satisfy education requirements. Three Hong Kong- specific examinations must be written and passed once on board. Industry qualifications preferred.


Other (language, work visa/permit, etc.):

Sponsored Hong Kong work visas will be complimentary.


Minimum Requirements:

Only candidates with five years’ experience at senior level in the financial services industry will be considered for this role.